Data Analytics in the Sports Industry

As we all know, the sports industry is extremely competitive, with coaches consistently on the offense looking for any advantage they can use to win against their components. In fact, many sports organizations are utilizing data analytics to see how they can improve player performance, perfect their game strategies, and even sell more stadium seats and merchandise via improving customer loyalty.

Player Performance

To improve individual performance, many teams track their players nutrition, workout information, and game performance to get insight into what a player can do to improve their performance, as well as maintain their health and prevent injuries. Coaches can track their players health stats via wearable technology such as a fitbit, to keep on top of player health and fitness level. Tracking data points such as a player's sleep quality, checking their vitals during workouts, and tracking the nutrients in their meals helps to optimize and further customize player injury recovery, training schedules, and diets to ensure stellar performance. For example, if a player's fitbit shows that they are fatigued at a certain point of their workout, coaches can determine whether the player's diet or training plan needs to be tweaked, as well as provide tips for the player to stay energized for an upcoming game.

Team Performance

While analysis at the individual player level can make a huge impact, team analysis also matters as well. If you've ever played sports as a kid, you know how coaches would rewatch the game(sometimes with you there) and analyze each play and what caused the outcome. Sports coaches take it a step further and use past game data to predict which player lineup will be the most beneficial. They could also use play by play analysis to come up with ideas on how players should respond to certain scenarios that play out on the field.

Sales Performance

Sports organizations are committed to keeping their fans entertained and happy, which means that they need to constantly evaluate feedback so they can continue to sell quality merchandise and put on entertaining games. Analysts will analyze social media posts, ticket sales, and merchandise sells to improve customer loyalty. Game/arena food and entertainment can always improve. Analysts review which merch has the highest sells for input on future merchandise design. Marketing and social media teams also analyze this information to drive their advertising campaigns and social media posts.

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