Project Brainstorming/Planning Session

Perfect for people who need help with coming up with projects that demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities!
$ 80.00 USD

Are you ready to create resume ready projects but need advice on what you should do? No worries, The Data Bloq will craft some project ideas for you! This service includes a walkthrough of a couple of projects that you could do to help you stand out as a viable candidate for your next interview! These projects are aimed to simulate real world tasks that you will do on the job so that they will serve as job experience. We recommend spacing your session out 48-72 hours out from time of booking to give me time to craft a thorough writeup.

What will the session consist of:

1) We will discuss what you have learned thus far for the job role that you are seeking

2) We will craft some project ideas for you and present them to you. The project is based on the role you're applying for, the industry you're aiming to be in, the job post that you're interested in applying to, and your own personal interests. The projects will cover different skills to help you stand out as a well rounded candidate, as well as help you really enforce all of the skilling up that you have been doing for the role!

3) We will talk about how to go about doing the project and give you some pointers on how to convey your work on your resume.

4) You will walk away with a writeup of the projects so that you can get started immediately! The writeup includes link to any supplemental materials (data sets, examples, etc) that will help you with working on the project.

NOTE: This service is not for helping you debug existing projects nor is it an in-depth tutorial on how to do said project.

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