Project/Case Study Review

Perfect for those who need help fine tuning their presentation skills for their case studies or projects with interviewers!
$ 60.00 USD

Have you just completed a project or case study for a take home interview, but need a sounding board to see if your work is fleshed out well and that you are able to communicate your findings effectively? Then this service is perfect for you!

What will the session consist of:

1) You will present your case study/project, just as you would for an interviewer

2) Once you finish presenting, I will ask questions about your presentation, just as an interviewer would.

3) I will give you feedback on how to improve the project, your presenting skills, or both.

NOTE: This service is not for helping you debug existing projects nor is it an in-depth tutorial on how to do said project. You will need to have come to the session with a complete project in relation to the role you are prepping to apply/interview for, in which you are ready to present.

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